Somaliland: FM Visits Lasanod



SL Foreign Minister Yasin Mohamud Hir Faraton, leading a delegation has arrived in Lasanod, Sool’s provincial capital on Tuesday.

The FM upon arrival at Lasanod received a hero’s welcome.

The reception accorded to the FM started at Gumays district which is 70 km from Lasanod.

The FM made a short stopover at Yagori, Adhi Adeye, and Samakab districts en route to the administrative capital.

Faraton said: “After the presidential polls, this is the first time that I have visited the region.”

He added that he will meet with community members and make consultations with them.

Authorities at regional and district levels were part of the officials that have greeted the FM.

The minister is reported to have gone to Lasanod in order to settle a raging dispute in Yagori which the residents have opposed from the outset.



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