Irro calls for more Covid-19 tests in Somaliland



Abdirahman Irro, the Chairman of Somaliland’s opposition Wadani party congratulated the nation on its 29th Independence Day.

On the eve of 18th May, Abdirahman Irro noted challenging time that anniversary come in amid Covid-19 pandemic in regard to its economic and emotional fall outs.

He called the nation for solidarity, showing empathy to each other and help taking care of the poor and vulnerable section of the community.

The leader of the opposition called on the government to raise the state of alert to the highest over Covid-19 pandemic.

He said that the virus is spreading in the country at an alarming rate, so as the death toll.

The chairperson urged the government to take more tests across the provinces and to mobilize all nation’s health professionals for the pandemic response


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