Somaliland: Landmark JPLG Agreement signed at the presidency



Today, a landmark agreement was signed at the presidential compound on the implementation of projects on Joint Program on Local Governance (JPLG).

Mayors from six major townships in Somaliland flanked by the minister of health and the education ministers have put the pens to paper and ratified the agreement.

The regional mayors from Hargeisa, Berbera, Gebiley, Borama, Burao and Zeila which has become the sixth district in Somaliland set to benefit from the JPLG projects.

They have signed education and health projects that will be carried in the aforementioned districts in Somaliland so that the locals will benefit from having access to education and healthcare services.

The meeting was presided over by Somaliland’s Deputy President Honorable Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail alias Sayli’i.

The Deputy President has stressed on the efforts aimed at decentralizing the basic social services so as the public have to benefit from them.

He urged the mayors where the local projects are to be carried out to inject most of their efforts so that the implementation of these projects will be successful.

The Home Affairs Minister, Honorable Mohamed Kahin Ahmed has reiterated that the current Somaliland government is fully committed to the implementation of the projects to bear fruit.

He promised that he will oversee the implementation of the JPLG projects and will conduct regular inspections in a bid to follow up the successful implementation.

The JPLG agreement ratified at the presidency is meant for the locals to exploit and have access to basic services once they are decentralized.








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