Somaliland Expels hundreds of traders from South Somalia


Somaliland security forces conducted overnight raids on homes and deported hundreds of people in a sweeping crack down on traders from South Somalia.

Police have raided dozens of homes in the town of Lasanod in Sool province on Friday night where families from south Somalia were residing and made arrests, after security of the town has worsened over the past couple of weeks.

A member of the city’s council was shot dead weeks earlier in one of the latest attacks carried out by unidentified groups that saw the killing of a number of other regional officials.

Hundreds of men were rounded up at a stadium in the town and were forced to board trucks heading to south Somalia on Saturday.

Most of the deportees were said to have come from Bay and Bakool in the south of the war-torn of Somalia.

Somaliland has not commented on the security move.


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