Somalia: Banadir Provincial Chamber of Commerce Disbanded


Banadir provincial chamber of commerce based in Mogadishu has been disbanded.

The Executive director along with his deputy put under arrest by NISA agents over links to Al Shabab militants.

The regional trade body brings together local business people in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital.

The minister of trade and industry, Abdilahi Ali Hassan, sent a circular to the trade organization informing that the body has been dissolved with immediate effect from now.

The disbanded members of the trade organization were recently chosen to the body by business community.

Al Shabab is often accused of infiltrating government institutions and business organizations in a bid to achieve its hidden agenda.

The group allegation is that they want to further consolidate its espionage within government and community organizations in order to generate revenues.

Al Shabab collects taxes from Mogadishu business people with the knowledge of Somalia’s Federal Government.


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