Opposition Chiefs Support Somaliland War in Las Anod



The chairmen of the two opposition parties in Somaliland have strongly expressed their support for the war in Las Anod where the army is fighting a tribal militia and Alshabab terrorists. Their sentiments follow an ambush by the tribal militia and Alshabab on Somaliland Army base on the outskirts of Las Anod.

Addressing the press in Hargeisa, National Party (Waddani) chairman Mr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi (Irro) and his Welfare Party (UCID) counterpart Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe reaffirmed their support to Somaliland Army operations to weed out tribal militants and Alshabab terrorists in Sool region.

The Waddani party boss said “I call upon the people of Somaliland to unite and show solidarity with the military.”

The National Party chief requested the president to call for a national conversation to address the underlying issues.

Welfare and Justice Party (UCID) chief confirmed his loyalty to Somaliland. He said “I’m ready to wear military fatigues and go to the front line to fight the terrorists in Sool.”

Also addressing the press was Dr. Mohamed Abdi Gaboose who called for a thorough investigation into the actions that enabled the enemy to have an upper hand.

He said, “A thorough investigation should be conducted to ascertain the cause of the army defeat to the tribal militants in Las Anod.”

Also, the chairmen of Kaah, Horseed and Rajo associations called on the community to support the National Army


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