VP throws weight behind preserving country’s history, heritage



The Vice President of the republic of Somaliland Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail Sayli’i who has participated in a book exhibition on the history of the republic of Somaliland said preserving country’s history and heritage is of great paramount.

The VP in a book launch expressed the need for SL documents not only artifacts and monumental sites but also the people who have worked too hard to preserve these cultural heritage in a national information.

Sayli’i said such documentation is meant to be delivered around the world so that the world can discover and learn the rich history of SL.

The VP gave a speech on the exhibition of thus said: ” I am happy to open this book that collected in SL. This book has been put into great effort and congratulated the ministry of foreign affairs to present this book we would have all respect for it.”

The history of SL, a country in the Horn of Africa bordered by the Gulf of Aden and the East African Land Mass begins with a human inhabitation tens of thousands of years ago.

It includes the civilization of Punt, the Othman colonial influence from Europe and the middle east.


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