Voter Registration Exercise smoothly Underway in Sool & Sanaag regions


Somaliland government has confirmed that voter registration exercise is smoothly progressing in Sool province with a high turnout.

Somaliland is gearing up to hold local and parliamentary elections this year.

Interior Minister, Mohmed Kahin Ahmed has commented on the voter registration in Sool and in the eastern parts of the country and how the VR drive is underway.

He reiterated that the residents in the eastern provinces of SL including Lasanod are participating well in the VR drive and eligible citizens have turned out in droves.

He also assured that the security forces have maintained the security and patrol the sites allocated that the voter registration to take place.

Kahin said: ” The VR exercise in the eastern constituencies are underway well. Constituencies in Sanaag region include Las Qoray, Badhan & Dhahar while in Sool there is Lasanod, the administrative city of Sool region, Hudun and Taleh. This VR exercise has reached constituencies that never participated in the VR exercise.”

Residents who have participated in early voter registration exercise, those who lost their VR cards and those that have reached the age limit are eligible to participate.


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