USAID Invests Somali Youth Entrepreneurs



The project objective is to fund 340 young Somalis who have demonstrated successful business innovation.

The Somali government is implementing the program funded by USAID and is worth 1.6 million US with participation from some of the business entities.

US ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto while addressing the Somali Youth Expo announced the US will increase its support to Somalia especially in education, employment and other key important sectors.

The US ambassador to Somalia and the Somali PM announced a joint new effort to support young Somali entrepreneurs and innovators as they contribute to the Somalia’s stability and prosperity on their journey to self-reliance.

Business initiative contributes the country’s economic development and the growth of family livelihood, creation if employment chances and keeps Somali youth away from crime and extremism.

Youth benefiting the project come from all region of the country and entrepreneurship initiative include agriculture, fish and technology.


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