Sonsaf Organizes Workshop for Domestic Election Observers Training of Trainers



On Sunday, Sonsaf organized two-day training for Domestic Election Observers TOT’s who are entrusted with the observation of local council & parliament polls in Somaliland. The training workshop conducted from 23-24 May 2021, is organized for 48 participants selected from all provinces in Somaliland. Once the training is over, the TOT’s will be dispatched back to their regions and will train the local observers who will monitor the upcoming parliamentary and local council polls in the country. According to Sonsaf Chairman, Honorable, Anwar Abdirahman, has said that 800 local observers will be monitoring the combined elections in Somaliland. The objective of the workshop is to strengthen the institutional capacity of the ToT’s who will later train the local observers. The days training workshop which is attended by more than 48 participants was officially opened by Anwar Abdirahman. He clarified that a huge responsibility is bestowed upon TOT’s which will ensure that the whole process will be free and fair. Sonsaf head of project coordinator, Hassan Shukri, has told the participants that they will be familiarized with the laws of the republic of Somaliland pertaining to the elections. Sonsaf  chairman welcomed the trainees and trainers and stated that, the training will enhance the professionalism on elections observation and monitoring and also contribute to democratic, fair and transparent elections in Somaliland. The training is expected to assist the TOT’s with an enhanced capacity to understand election observation and monitoring processes which will empower them with the necessary technical knowledge.


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