Somaliland registers 17 new covid-19 cases as the total count stands at 466



On coronavirus status update briefing, the health authorities in Somaliland reported 17 new cases and one death. On Tuesday, the total laboratory tests conducted with in the last 24 hours are 74. Out of the 74, 17 of them among are confirmed positive for Covid-19 and the total confirmed cases today reaches 466.

Among the confirmed cases, 10 of them are males and the remaining 7 are females.

All of the confirmed cases are Somaliland citizens and their ages range from 10 to 109 years old.

SL death toll has reached 26 reported fatalities after 104 years old male from Hargeisa city has succumbed due to complications arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Somaliland health ministry, Covid-19 status update on Tuesday, the 9th June, 2020.

7 more people have beaten the deadly coronavirus. The total number of people who have been discharged from isolation facilities are 80.

Among today’s confirmed cases, 10 of them are identified from Hargeisa city, the epicenter of the deadly Covid-19 virus in the country and the remaining 7 are from Buroa city.

Somaliland has so far conducted a total laboratory tests of 1893. 466 of them are confirmed positive for the virus, 26 confirmed deaths and 80 recoveries.



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