Burao Councillors concerned as Locals do not adhere Covid-19 guidelines



The City Council members together with Covid-19 prevention Committee of the city strongly reviled the people who boycotted the health measures of the country.

They have warned the residents to meet in a public as a group.

They also gave notice to the restaurant owners to not allow people to come in groups.

A statement from the committee said: ” We don’t allow people to meet at cafeterias, restaurants and khat chewing centers. We also impose people to follow guidelines. We are aware some restaurants host wedding and engagement ceremonies.”

The committee added aspiring candidates to bring their supporters at hotels to address and seek their support, but as a committee, we will take legal actions against them.

On the other hand, the city council members of Burao have introduced new book to give awareness to the public.

Somaliland confirmed the first two cases in March this year.

The government put in place a range of public health and social measures which are actions by individuals, stations and communities to suppress or stop community spread of Covid-19.




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