Somaliland: Police Boss Assumes Office



The new Somaliland Police boss Brigadier General Dabagale has assumed office on Sunday.

A ceremony held in police headquarters in Hargeisa saw the attendance of the Vice president, the home affairs minister, Wadani party leader, and officials from Justice and Welfare party.

The newly appointed police boss Brigadier General Mohamed Adan Saqadhi alias Dabagale has reiterated to uphold the rule of law while speaking at the ceremony.

He pledged that he will do all he could to establish closer cooperation between the public and the police during his tenure.

The new police boss has promised to run the post in fairness. He also swore that he will be patriotic to his countrymen and the religion.

Mr. Dabagale set the record straight by saying that a lot of queries from public put doubts on his capacity to manage Somaliland police.

He responded that he served the operational department of the national army in Somaliland for five years before he was shifted to the police.

He further insisted on being strict to the rule of law and that he would not show a sense of leniency to the public during his tenure as police chief

The VP from Somaliland Honorable Abdirahman Sayli’i has urged police officers to collaborate with the new police boss.

He called on Dabagale to seek police officer’s advice and take heed of their tips.

The new police boss replaced the late Somaliland police commissioner, Mr. Abdilahi Fadal Iman who died in Hargeisa week ago. Somaliland which is not internationally recognized as a country earmarks 40 % of its scant national budget for national security in the state.


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