EU Launches the Ground Breaking Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program in Somaliland



University of Hargeisa hosted a session about the ERASMUS+ program organized by Somaliland Ministry of Education & Science and Save the Children. Dr. Mohamoud, the president of the University of Hargeisa welcomed the organizers and guests that are willing to benefit from this opportunity. The president ensured that this University will be taking a major role in utilizing this opportunity and promised that the students of the University will have a good advantage of getting involved in the international credit mobility and as well the joint Master’s scholarship programs. He told that the University has a partnership with other Universities in programme countries.

The Somaliland Minister of Education and Science opened the session and thanked the European Union for their role of supporting Somaliland in many sectors. He advised the guests that it is good for the citizens to benefit from this kind of opportunity and then come back and take part in the development of the Country. The DG of Ministry of Education, the DG of Higher Education in the Ministry of Education, Chairman of SONYO Ambarella also attended the session and all encourage to benefit from this big chance. EU ambassador acknowledged the University of Hargeisa and wished that it will get 20 ERASMUS scholarships this Year. He stated that February2020 will be the last time that can be applied for this program and during this Short-time period, the University has to a lot of work to help its Students get Masters Scholarships and also utilize from the international credit mobility.

Three beneficiaries of the ERASMUS+ programme presented how the students that have Bachelor’s degrees can apply for this program and how the University can benefit from the international credit mobility in order to allow some of its students to learn a semester or two in Europe or other programme countries.

Students can apply this programme by following this link…/erasmus-mundus-joint-master-degrees_… . students should choose their field of study in the EMJMD Catalogue and contact the consortium offering the programme for more information and the application process. The consortium consists of several Universities that are jointly offering the programme. If the student gets involved in this, he/she will be studying for 3 months at a University and another 3 to 12 months at another University in the Consortium.


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