Somaliland: Opposition Groups Accuse President Bihi of Poll deadlock

The leaders of opposition parties in Somaliland namely UCID & Wadani have suspended to work with the Head of State unless he resolves the protracted poll dispute and hold parliament and local council in the state.
The Justice & Welfare party, UCID, chair, Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe speaking on behalf of the two opposition groups has accused the president that his speech does not match with his actions.
He also alleged the president that he does not want polls to transpire in Somaliland.
” If the leader’s speech and actions do not match, it is of huge misfortune.” said Faisal.
He further underscored that it is the traits of leaders that they respect the pledged that they have made.
He said that president Bihi has been flip-flopping during his two year rule in Somaliland.
Mr. Faisal, UCID Chair, has added that it is the shoulders of the president to hold polls and not the opposition responsibility.
He narrated that the incumbent president has used Wadani party election boycott as a scapegoat not to hold free and fair parliament and local polls in the country.
He stated that if the Bihi is honest about it, he will do the elections on the agreed time.
He announced that the opposition parties have made the right compromise for the president and agreed with the mediation teams on the proposed resolution.
He alleged the president of breaking the tripartite agreement with the inclusion of controversial nominee in the new NEC.
He noted that once the deadlock was still in place, he made a unilateral move whereby he extended the terms for the bicameral legislation to further worsen the wrangle.
He also said that he chose the controversial nominee as the new Chair which made the situation from  bad to worse.
Mr. Fiasal added that we have interpreted that Bihi is ready to engage with the parties a squabble.
UCID chair has further blamed the President of his desire to extend his term of the presidency.
He warned against Bihi that won’t happen.
Finally, He declared that if Bihi does not want the country to have polls, he won’t remain as Head of state.
The stance taken by the opposition groups comes at a time when the Head of State has sent a plea to them so that they should sit down  to resolve the recurrent political deadlock on elections.


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