Somaliland: Lower House of Parliament Speaker to Assume office


The Secretary General of SL’s House of National Assembly said on Thursday that the new speaker of the House of Representatives will officially assume duties of the office on Saturday from his predecessor, Bashe Mohmed.

A number of notable figures including the Speaker of the Upper House of SL parliament, Sulieman Mohmed Adan, the Supreme Chief of Justice, Hon. Adam Haji Ali, the mayor of Hargeisa will be attending the event.

Mr. Abdirisak Saed Ayanle, further added that the new parliamentarians will start their first day of session the following day.

Mr. Abdirisak Khalif, who is an opposition MP from SL’s main opposition groups was elected as the speaker of the house.

He defeated his main rival, the ex-FM of Somaliland, Mr. Yasin Faraton in tightly fought competition.

Foreign diplomats have lauded the election of Abdirisak Khalif as the speaker.

But Mr. Abdirisak Khalif was disgraced after he tendered his resignation during Silanyo’s presidency in 2015.

Ex-SL president Silanyo appointed Abdirisak as the Public Works and Housing Minister in 2013.



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