Somaliland: International Partners Call for Election Mid 2020



Somaliland’s international partners call on the political parties to see through that elections be held in the country mid next year. This comes contrary to the recent term extension granted to the Houses of Representatives and Elders.

In two days, the international delegation led by ambassador Nicholas Berlanga met with the opposition parties, the non-government organizations, and the president. He had a clear message to deliver in his second high-level visit to the country in five months. 

Nicholas Berlanga, the Europan Union envoys to Somalia and the head of the international community delegation to Somaliland called on the political parties to set up a calendar to implement the proposal of the mediation committee.

In a brief statement on Wednesday evening, Berlanga welcomed the proposal of the mediation committee and commended it as a homegrown solution that sets an example for Somaliland and the wider region. The international community delegations seem to adopt the proposal of the mediation committee as the forward through this electoral stalemate.

The mediation committee recommended the dismissal of the controversial electoral commission which was sworn-in just last month. It further called for reinstating the previous electoral commission which was not less controversial than its successor.


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