Somaliland Government Urges UN Envoy to Somalia to Allocate Enough Aid to Somaliland



HARGEISA–Somaliland Government has expressed its gripe over the lack of just share pertaining to the humanitarian development that the office of United Nations to Somalia has allocated to Somaliland.

The government has stated that it has received a rationale aid for development in the areas of education, healthcare, employment creation, and other infrastructure development.

The President of Somaliland received in his office today UN Special Envoy to Somalia, James Swan and held discussions with him.

Somaliland’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Yasin Mohamoud Faraton flanked by the UN Special Envoy to Somalia, James Swan held a joint press briefing at the presidency.

The government of Somaliland has called upon the UN to treat Somaliland an independent sovereign state. The FM recounted that Somaliland has done a lot of progress over the past 30 years since its existence.

The FM has asserted that UN Special envoy to Somalia, James Swan promised to convey Somaliland’s message to the UN Secretary General Antonio Gutierrez.

Swan has pledged UN’s commitment to continue engaging with Somaliland government and implementing a lot of UN projects to support Somaliland populace.

He reiterated that sixteen UN offices with agencies and funds are currently in progress in Somaliland such as good governance, upgrading and improving security agencies, development and humanitarian intervention aid.


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