Somaliland Gov responds on Villa Somalia reconciliation committee



 Somaliland has vehemently rejected a reconciliation committee that the Villa Somalia authority announced yesterday with the special task of reconciling Somalia and Somaliland. In a press statement issued by the presidential palace in Somaliland has clearly reminded Villa Somalia that the issues of Federalism has nothing to do with Somaliland. The statement has revealed Mogadishu intransigent installed officials that the unity between Somalia and Somaliland ceased following the collapse of Somalia’s central gov in 1991. It is said that Villa Somalia must come to terms that Somalia and Somaliland were two independent states recognized by the international community in 1960.

It is stated that Somaliland has sorted out its internal affairs. Somaliland said loud and clear that the only way to see the stalled talks back on its track is to hold the talks at an international venue. The Somaliland gov has accused Villa Somalia leader that he has launched an unprecedented aggression against Somaliland be it diplomatic isolation, economic embargo and sabotaging its development projects.


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