Somaliland: German delegation visits Hargeisa Technical School



A delegation from the government of Germany visited vocational training institute in Hargeisa yesterday. The German delegation was accompanied by GTZ officials, the minister of education from Somaliland Mr. Osman Jama Adan and the director general Mr. Ahmed Abokor. The objective behind the visit of the German delegation to Hargeisa technical school was to conduct an assessment. The German Government pledged to pay the funds allocated for the restoration and refurbishment of the vocational schools in Hargeisa. Germany will channel the funds via the GTZ which will implement the revamp of the technical school in Hargeisa. The delegation upon arrival at the vocational school was greeted by the director responsible for technical schools Mr. Abdiasis Ege. The large delegates inspected classrooms and assessed the repairing works that the school needs. Somaliland sent a high level delegation off to Germany to learn lessons how German vocational schools operate.



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