Somalian President Confesses Al Shabab infiltrated in his government



The President in Villa Somalia on Thursday has for the first time publicly confessed that members have infiltrated in his government that facilitate Al Shabab to conduct suicide bombs.

The Somalian president, Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo made the remarks during a meeting that he held with officials in charge of security apparatus in Mogadishu.

Mr. Farmajo interrogated the officials in charge of security on the recent suicide bomb where lone female suicide bomber blew herself up in Mogadishu mayor’s office killing six and wounding many others.

The target of the attack was UN special Envoy to Somalia, Mr. James Swan but luckily he left the meeting hall at office of Mogadishu mayor before the terrorist attack.

The President although its too late informed the officials that they have to come up with new strategy to prevent such attacks to be carried by the Al Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization in the country.

Mr. Farmajo said that those who are aiding and abetting the terrorist organizations cannot be allowed to remain in the gov and must be fought against them.

Al Shabab carried out many attacks inside gov building where it is hard to conduct unless they have got an insider and infiltrated into the security apparatus of Somalia gov.



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