Somalia: Female Comedian shot dead during film rehearsal


A Somali  YouTube sensation was on Wednesday shot dead “accidentally” while rehearsing a comedy on set in Garowe Puntland, a colleague confirmed to media.

The comedian identified as Anisa was shot by her colleague Libah Yare according to Asad Abou Diaby who is a member of the comedy group.

”My friend accidentally shot dead Anisa while we were rehearsing a short comedy video today, ‘May God have mercy on our sister,” Asad said

The youths have recently uploaded short comedy videos of them with AK47s and firearms though it has been unclear how they accessed the weapons.

Anisa was rushed to hospital but her chances of surviving were too slim and died at the medical facility in Garowe town.

Police in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland arrested the comedian Libah Kabeye and are investigating the incident.


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