Press Statement on the Historic El Afwein Accord



For the past three years, Ceel Afweyn district in Sanaag, Somaliland has experienced conflict between Habaryoonis community sub-clan Sacadyoonis and the Haberjeclo community sub-clan Baciido, leading to a rise in armed violence at a time there was a humanitarian crisis caused by a severe drought. This negatively affected children, women, youth, and families, many schools were closed and seriously disrupted community life.

After considering the loss of lives and the overall toll of the conflict, members of the two feuding communities having been intervened upon by a number of stakeholders and sessions, decided to embrace peace. This followed mediation efforts and countless sessions by the Government of Somaliland, the Religious groups, traditional leaders and other stakeholder. The two communities agreed to reconcile and on their own announced a ‘Declaration of Peace’ to the delight and excitement of the communities. The communities further formed a Coordination and Monitoring Committee to help settle their past grievances by bringing justice and overseeing the implementation of the peace agreement.

From the reaction of the residents of Ceel Afweyn, the reconciliation between the two communities was long overdue. The ‘Declaration of Peace’ has gained strong togetherness in the district.

At Center for Democracy and Governance (CDG) we have observed with satisfaction that for the three years of conflict (2016-2019), when mediation between the two clans was overseen by external mediators it never yielded

any meaningful peace, but when the two parties decided to have peace, they got it and we believe an internally generated peace will last for ever

CDG is therefore recommending that in the future any conflict caused by differences in interest must follow “conflict analysis steps” and especially encouraging warring parties to dialogue before starting any mediation.

Any conflict must negotiate the two parties between the conflict instead of starting external mediators that has not any background of the conflict

Therefore, we as The Center for Democracy and Governance wish to join the government of the Republic of Somaliland, the Religious leaders, the APD , SONSAF and other stakeholders in CONGRATULATING the Habaryoonis community sub-clan Sacadyoonis and the Haberjecio community sub-clan Baciido in agreeing to have a peaceful coexistence and that the lessons learnt are:

  1. That conflicts and wars are always expensive as lives and property are lost and destroyed
  2. That we should always accommodate one another, especially neighbors
  3. That we should always collaborate when handling common resources
  4. That we should always discuss our common problems to find a common ground

Once again congratulations to the two clans, and May Allah the Merciful, The Provider Be Always Glorified


Center for Democracy and Governance

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