Somaliland Detains Top Opposition official



HARGEISA—Mr. Ramaah, a very outspoken critic to president Bihi surrendered in yesterday to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) after a warrant of arrest was issued which demanded for his immediate apprehension.

He was informed of the warrant last night. Speaking to the press earlier yesterday, he blamed his detention for President Bihi saying that the president had confirmed his arrest warrant to the opposition leader in their meeting yesterday.

“We will not flee from the country because of Musa Bihi’s threats. It happened before that. I Ramaah all know a politician who does not cry and my gun is always in the car and president Musa Bihi’s brother threatened me to shoot. He did not take a gun but anything  I never disclose that before. There are witnesses. I heard it. It looks to me as a young man sent by his brother.” said Raamah

Mr. Ramaah alleged that he was subjected to intimidation and threats for the warrant.

He claimed that the president’s brother had threatened to kill him with a bullet between the eyes.

He also told that another soldier loaded a gun and threatened to kill him.

Information Secretary for Justice & Welfare Party, UCID, Kayse, had condemned Ramaah’s arrest and called it illegal.

He called on the public to reject arbitrary detentions of gov’t critics in particular he urged Ramaah’s home town to reject his apprehension.

“We believe that the detention of Ramaah is an illegal arrest. It is a tragedy that befell on this nation. We strongly condemn the detention, intimidation, and threats against opposition politicians, the press and the people of Somaliland.” said Kayse

Detaining people who are critical to the gov’t has increased during Bihi’s presidency .

The Independent Human Rights organization had recorded 89 detentions this year.


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