Opposition Parties Assume Control Of Local Councils


The Somaliland opposition parties, UCID and Waddani, who had emerged victorious in the recent parliamentary and locals council elections have began to assume control.

In Somaliland’s capital, Hargeysa, Abdikarim Ahmed Moge of Waddani is the new mayor, whilst in Borama and Ceergaabo, the opposition parties ascended to or maintained the mayorship.

In Burco, the two opposition parties have reached and agreement to enable a UCID councillor to take the office of Mayor.

Even though the ruling party, Kulmiye and the administration have expended a lot of political capitol, the situation is the same all across the country, from Sheikh to Oodweyne to Caynabo to Saylac, Somaliland’s opposition parties have taken the mayoral races.

The control of local councils will play a crucial role in the next presidential elections scheduled for 2022.

The ruling part, Kulmiye, has managed to retain the mayorship of Berbera and Gabilay. It is also expected to retain Laas Canood.


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