ICRC facilitated the repatriation of prisoner swap between Somaliland & Puntland


Hargeisa–The gov of Somaliland on Monday has greeted three Somaliland prisoners of War at Egal airport. The 3 members of Somaliland defense forces have been held in captivity by Puntland regional state of Somalia. They were captured during Tukaraq armed clashes between the two forces last year. The gov ministers led by the defense, interior, justice and flanked by chiefs of Somaliland’s armed forces have welcomed the soldiers. Major Brigadier General, Nuh Tani, chief of defense forces have received the three brave soldiers. Mr. Tani has taken over the three soldiers upon arrival at Egal airport. He also thanked the almighty Allah for the safe returning to their homeland. The defense minister of Somaliland, Hon. Abdiqani has said that it is a success when it comes to the three soldiers that have returned to their homeland after the two sides have swapped the POWs. He commended the incumbent president for his role in bringing peace to the foes by releasing 14 Puntland POWs. The deputy Somaliland President, Hon. Abdirahman Sayli’i flanked by the interior minister, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed have seen off 14 Puntland prisoners of war that have boarded a plane at Egal airport and left for Garowe. The VP was also accompanied by the defense minster and the minister responsible for justice. The Head of State of Somaliland announced the release of 14 Puntland POWs that were caught following the Tukaraq battle between the two forces. The president said that he has called for peace with Puntland which are engaged with territorial dispute. The prisoner swap was facilitated by ICRC which safely repatriated the POWs to their homeland by arranging flights that they boarded.

Defense forces chief, BG Nuh Tani shaking hand with Somaliland soldiers released by Puntland in prisoner exchange deal facilitated by ICRC


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