Finding on recent assessment revealed by Hargeisa Water Agency



The Quality Control Laboratory in Hargeisa has on Wednesday showcased the outcome of recent evaluation of quality and safety on commercial sources supply water to the capital in Hargeisa.

Established in September 2020, this was the first in-depth study by the lab. The assessment event held at the Water Agency this morning by several notable figures including the health minister, minister responsible for water, planning minister and Dr. Adna Aden.

The purpose behind the event was to assess the quality and safety of water consumed in Hargeisa and its environs.

Dr. Ahmed Isse, the main adviser of the study explained the importance of the study and provided in-depth analysis on the findings.

The overall result of the 40 wells tested indicate that water from the sources is good and potable quality and in accordance with WHO standards.

Dr. Adna spoke on the overall importance of knowing what minerals exist in the water consumed and effects of physical health of the population specially women.

The minister of water, Mohmed Muse Derie, thanked the agency for their commendable work and reiterated the ministry’s readiness to act accordingly with the findings and recommendation laid out by the quality authority.


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