EUCAP Somalia’s Personnel Awarded Medals in Mogadishu



Being awarded the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) medal is a significant moment for personnel deployed in Somalia. It is a sign of appreciation for the time served in Somalia working with their Somali and international colleagues for a better common future. A stable and secure Somalia also means a safer Europe, as the effects of crisis travel beyond boundaries and with no passport.
Four EUCAP Somalia Mission members were awarded the Common Security and Defence Policy Service Medal, during a joint ceremony with the “sister” military Mission EUTM Somalia, held in Mogadishu on May 18th.
EUCAP Somalia’s Head of Mission, Maria-Cristina Stepanescu awarded the medals to the Head of Operations Jorge Caseiro, the Deputy Head of Mission, Chris Reynolds, the Chief of General Services, Riccardo Dentici and the Procurement Officer Maria Jimenez Serrano. Anton Girginov, Legal Advisor and Transport Manager Octavio Ramos Vieira also qualified to receive the CSDP medal, however could not attend the ceremony as out of Somalia.
“By awarding the medal, the EU recognises your commitment and engagement for Somalia and its people. I am honoured to share such an important moment with all of you” said Ms Stepanescu addressing her personnel when handing over the medals.


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