EUCAP Somalia joins beach clean-up in Mogadishu



EUCAP Somalia Head of Mission, Maria-Cristina Stepanescu, was on Mogadishu beach wearing a hat and gloves yesterday afternoon. It was not to get a sun tan. She was carrying a big bin bag as along with the Mission’s personnel she joined the (regular) beach clean-up organised by the United Nations. She was in good company. The Head of United Mission Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS), Lisa Filippetto, the EU Training Mission to Somalia’s Commander, Matteo Spreafico, the EU Delegation to Somalia Charge’ d’Affaires Fulgencio Garrido Ruiz and many more colleagues from various organisations and nations joined the event, filling up rubbish bags with all they could remove from the beach. It looks like they did a good job, as the beach looked was free from rubbish this Saturday morning.


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