Ethiopia: Federal Military Sieze Key Sites in Jigjiga, hundreds injured as tension remains high


Jigjiga– Situation in Jigjiga, the capital of State region in Ethiopia is in panic and confusion.  Federal military sealed access to parliament, government offices and courts in the capital, residents said on Saturday.

There is chaos as looting is reported to have taken place in the city. Hundreds of people are reported to have been injured in the confrontation clashes between the military and the rowdy protesters. Many officials in the region have been detained but it is not clear if the military arrested the president of the region, Abdi Iley. The only church located in the occupied territory of Ogaden was immediately burned to the ground today by locals in the city of Jigjiga as the situation remains volatile.

The news announced by Ethiopian Prime Minister,Abiy Ahmed stating that the Somali regional authority will be allocated 5 percent of the revenues generated from the oil and gas discovered in the region. The regime led  by Abdi Iley urged residents to take to the streets to voice their discontent over the news. It is said the president, Abdi Iley announced statements claiming that the Somali regional state in Ethiopia will secede from the rest of Ethiopia. It is not known if Abdi Iley, the regional Somali state president is in military custody as tension is running high.

 Speaking live on Facebook, Speaker of the Somali regional parliament Mohamed Rashid Isaq confirms deployment of ENDF troops in Jigjiga, says they don’t know the reason. The whereabouts of regional president Abdi Mohamoud Omar is unknown, officials say.

Mohamed Rshid Isak, Somali regional state parliament


Church burned by rowdy protesters in Jigjiga

Military patrolling streets in Jigjiga


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