Children die in Hargeisa General hospital allegedly due to oxygen shortage


HARGEISA–A two year-old baby has died in Hargeisa Public Hospital today, prompting local media to blame the fatality on lack of oxygen supplies.

The citizen by the name of Khadra Mohamed Barud admitted her niece to the hospital but was apprised of that the hospital is faced with lack of oxygen facility.

The hospital officials have referred her to a private firm which fills concentrated Oxygen Cylinders. Unfortunately, the child died owing to lack of oxygen supplies.

While she was heartbroken by the death of her niece at Hargeisa public hospital, she took her dismay to post the issue on the facebook.

The news spread like wildfire in the social media.

Another baby already lost his life after the hospital could not provide the facility.

The oxygen producing facility was up and running during the previous governments but the current administration has failed to save lives.

A patient who needs oxygen to keep alive must pay 100 US dollars on daily day basis.



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