Somaliland angered as Somalia names Red Sea Alliance envoy



Somaliland government accused Somalia’s Federal Gov’t on Thursday of seeking to destabilize the region, after Farmajo’s administration appointed veteran journalist as the special envoy to the Red Sea Alliance. The press statement from the country’s foreign ministry has dubbed Mogadishu’s move “day dreaming.” The statement went on to say that the move is intended to mislead the perception of the international community on the notion of Somaliland’s complicated case for statehood. Somaliland has apprised of the international community, the EU and IGAD that the appointment of the envoy to the Red Sea Alliance is flagrant attempt to meddle the internal affairs of Somaliland and politically motivated war against the republic of S0maliland. The government of Somaliland has made clear that Somalia has no place in the territorial waters of the Gulf of Aden as the Map of Africa reveals as well as border demarcations dating back to the colonial era. SL reiterated that the government as well as the populace remain ready to defend the independence and its borders at any cost. Somaliland is a peace loving country and is a shining example of the thriving democracy in the Gulf of Aden. It has bicameral chambers of the house which its people choose by one man one vote. The government of Somaliland has reassured to the int’l partners that there are no officials representing Somalia’s parliament members who are indirectly elected. Somaliland is committed to maintain stability, peaceful coexistence and the progress of the region. It is also closely monitoring regional changes be it security, trade and politics.


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