Somaliland: UCID Party Interior Secretary, Ramaah, Arraigned to Court on Saturday


The Interior secretary of Justice & Welfare Party, (UCID), Mohamoud Ali Suleiman alias Ramaah was arraigned to court yesterday.

UCID officials told the media that their colleague was brought to court with heavily armed guards as he was a terrorist.

The court denied him to grant a bail and was returned to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) detention center after he was formally charged. UCID party strongly condemned the court’s decision to deny Mr. Ramaah and release him on bail.

Jir Ali Madobe, the Chair of UCID party Central Council said that they had appealed the court’s verdict and will challenge it,

He added that Ramaah’s detention is an attempt to jeopardize the negotiations aimed at settling the protracted electoral dispute.

He urged the political not to fall for the trap and single-minded lay focus the negotiations while ignorng the provocations.

The Interior Secretary of UCID party Ramaah was arrested on last Thursday at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in the capital, Hargeisa.

He is accused of defaming the speaker of the house of Representatives, Bashe Mohamed Farrah.

Ramaah associated the house speaker of being in cahoots with Somaliland foes.


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