Somaliland: President Muse Bihi Imposes Curfew In Sanaag, Parliament Debates, Residents Ignore Curfew.




President Muse Bihi Abdi has imposed a dusk to dawn curfew on the towns of Erigavo, El-afwein and Garadag in Sanaag and Saraar regions after the murder of two Somaliland Police and Custodial Corps Officers.

The two officers were killed after demonstration to protest the death of a prisoner in custody at the Erigavo Central Jail. The deceased prisoner was placed under arrest by and processed by the two murder officers.

The imposition of curfew by the President has to be approved by a joint session of both chambers of the Somaliland legislature. It is expected that the parliament will approve the measure of emergency law in the area for three months, and extraordinary powers for the Somaliland commanders in the field, army, police, security and other branches.

Meanwhile the residents of Erigavo has ignored the dusk to dawn curfew and appear to be going about their normal daily business.

It has also emerged that the two slain officers had requested additional support forces from the chain of command, but their request was either ignored or neglected. There are calls for the resignation of both the Home minister and the Commissioner of the Somaliland Police Force.

In further development, the community of the slain officers, both hailed from Awdal region, have called for the government to locate and arrest the prime suspects within 24 hours. There has also been a noticeable exodus from the main urban areas of Awdal region by members of the community in which those alleged to have carried out this crime come from.

Ahmed Kheyre


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