Somaliland Police boss bans opposition demonstrations, police on high alert



Somaliland police boss Brigadier General Dabagale has banned demonstrations planned by main Wadani opposition party to hold on Monday (tomorrow).

Mr. Dabagale has said that he held the press conference in response to Abdirahman Irro, Wadani chair who has informed his die hard supporters to turn up outside the party headquarters in Hargeisa at 8 in the morning.

He stated that the country has laws and rules and further added that Irro is bound to honor the country’s laws.

He firmly vowed that a protest which has not been accepted by the government will not transpire.

He reiterated that he will be strict to upholding the rule of law from day one.

Mr. Dabagale has confirmed that the peaceful protest planned by Wadani party won’t happen because it is illegal and undermines the national security.

Mr. Abdirahman Irro informed his supporters today that they will show up for the protest tomorrow.

He also said that the party will convey key messages to its staunch fans across Hargeisa in rescuing the national from jeapordy.

He warned president Bihi to refrain from linking Wadani party with Somalia as he accused him of being accustomed to associate his party with Southern Somalis in order to achieve his political goals.

Security will be heightened tomorrow as opposition plan to hold the protest.

The gov’t is due to deploy security forces around Wadani party headquarters as the protest is scheduled to transpire there.


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