Somaliland Marks Eid-Al-Fitr Day


On Thursday, Somaliland has marked the first Day of Eid-Al-Fitr. Locals dressed with their pretty clothes have assembled in major mosques of the cities as well as open spaces to perform Eid prayers. Parents have come in droves with their children and spent great time with them. The bliss of children on their faces is one of the beauty of this day. People have celebrated on Eid occasion in different styles. Some have traveled outside of their cities to enjoy a different environment while others host their families at their residential homes. Eid celebration is quite different in contrast the previous year. SL government imposed a ban on all public gatherings last year in order to keep Covid-19 spread at bay, but this year in 2021. people have arrived in open spaces to perform Eid-al-Fitr prayers without complying covid-19 restrictions. Thousands of people have turned out in Hargeisa Stadium. Sheikh Mohamed Sheikh Omar Dirir, one of the prominent Sheikhs across Somaliland has spoken on the importance of Eid Fitr day for Muslim communities across the world. He called upon people to forgive each other and solve the social problems as Muslims glorify this day, One resident who performed Eid prayer said: ” Al Hamdu Lilaah, we are able to partake in the Eid-prayer. As you can see, nobody has the fear of Corona here. We are here. We are safe and also the city mayors have taken precautions so everything is going well. We are able yo meet with family and friends.”



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