Somaliland: Heavy Rains Cause Loss Of Life & Properties Across The Country.




Hargeisa,-Heavy rains, accompanied by gale force winds have caused havoc in many parts of Somaliland.

In Hargeisa, at least six people were said to have lost their lives and several more still missing and many ramshackle abodes were swept away in heavy rains that brought the city to a standstill. The major thoroughfares of the city were flooded and the already decrepit roads became even more impassable.

In Caynabo, heavy rains with strong winds also caused flooding and damages to properties in the town. The town of Burao also saw some flooding as a result of the heavy rains.

As welcome as these rains are, with many parts of the country facing drought, the inability of the local authorities to prepare and deal with resulting floods and damages remains acute. Given the meager resources of the country, a certain amount of ingenuity and self-help is required.

The Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi inspected the damages caused by the rains in Hargeisa, accompanied by central and local government officials.


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