Somaliland has built robust Coast Guards



The Somaliland Coast Guard fights against various illicit trafficking, namely illegal immigration, illegal fishing, maritime piracy, maritime terrorism, but also the fight against and protection of the marine environment of the Republic of Somaliland . It works on the research and assistance of people in distress in territorial waters.

Here are the main missions of the Somaliland Coast Guard :

Representation of state sovereignty at sea
Compliance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Somaliland and application of the law at sea and international maritime regulations

Surveillance and protection of territorial waters, exclusive economic zone and port areas

Control and surveillance of fishing, spearfishing, boating or commercial as well as compliance with customs regulations

Prevention and fight against all forms of illegal trafficking and illegal immigration

Combat maritime piracy

Protection of the maritime environment and the fight against pollution

Search and rescue at sea


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