Somaliland: Foreign Ministry Condemns Puntland’s Unprovoked Aggression



The Press Statement from MOFA-Somaliland

The Government of Republic of Somaliland expresses its deep alarm and regret over the
flagrant and vicious attack by Puntland Militia on a convoy of Somaliland officials, including
the Governor of Badhan, as it passed through the Hadaftimo District of the Sanaag Region
yesterday around 12:45 pm. Such actions represent a dangerous and regressive step in
previously improving relations between Somaliland and Somalia’s regional administration of
Puntland, following several goodwill gestures, including the recent transfer of war
The Somaliland Government calls on its neighbour, Somalia, along with its regional
administration of Puntland, to respect the four-point agreement brokered by the United
Nations and IGAD, which Somaliland continues to comply with to this day. This includes
“(1) refraining acts of provocation; (2) immediate cessation of hostilities and the
implementation of ceasefire arrangements; (3) the establishment of communication channels between the military commanders on the ground; and (4) the allowance of full access to deliver humanitarian assistance to the affected civilian population and releasing of prisoners as a confidence-building measure.’’ With today’s actions, Somaliland’s counterpart in the agreement – the various authorities of Somalia have shown a disregard for efforts to achieve lasting peace and stability in the region.
Yesterday’s act further demonstrates the lack of respect by Somalia and its regional
administrations over the sanctity of colonial borders, which forms the basis for the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty enshrined in the OAU (now AU) Resolution of 1964.
In the context of international law, Sool and Sanaag are integral parts of Somaliland, falling
within the international boundaries set in 1894 through the colonial treaty. Somaliland
Government officials reserve the right to travel and perform their duties within such
territories without being subject to interference or aggression by any foreign actor, including
the Somalia Government. Today’s attack on individuals lawfully administering governance
and development within their respective jurisdiction not only closes down space for
neighborly cooperation on issues related to the border but also puts the lives and
development prospects of innocent civilians at risk.


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