Somaliland: Families living in government housing in Berbera protest over rents imposed upon


Staff writer

BERBERA–Families living in government housing in the port city of Berbera have staged a peaceful demonstration on Monday outside the local government voicing their gripe over rents imposed upon them.

They have said that they are facing constant intimidation and threats from the ministry of public works in Berbera.

One of the protesters has said that they cannot accept to pay the rents as they have been repairing the houses for ages.

She argued that they moved in the government housing while they were ravaged.

She went on to say that their spouses work for the government and are not entitled to move out.

The government of Somaliland has recently distributed official notification letters informing the tenants to vacate the buildings in a matter of three months if need be.

She revealed that based from this notification that the government is intending to evict the families from government housing.

Another protester has stated that impoverished, mentally sick, unemployed families live in the government residential housing in Moscow village in the port city of Berbera.

Another female protester has appealed to the Head of State to consider their troubles in regard to the rents that they have been levied upon them.

They urged the president of Somaliland to urgently intervene and resolve the matter.


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