Somaliland: Ex-printing agency manager behind bars for stealing 80 million shilling from central bank



The manager of State Printing Agency, Mr. Said Salah Shire is under police captivity for more than a week and according to reports confirm that he is arrested for corruption allegations. The incumbent president, Musa Bihi dismissed Mr. Said Salah dismissed from his position last year. Days after transferring the post, he was put behind bars but was released on bail after a traditional elder intervened. Mr. Said Salah faces the graft that he stole and covertly withdrew 80 million Shillings from the central bank the day he transferred office. His successor, Mr. Mohamud Rage Ibrahim after knowing that he withdrew the money from the bank that he became furious and alerted to the auditor general office which gave the order to arrest him. Elders tried to intervene and called the current manager to pardon and pay the 80 million Shillings. Mr. Raago left the matter for the law enforcement agencies after he refused to accept the proposal from the elders.



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