Somaliland Appoints Fund Raising Committee for Beledweyn Flood Hit people



Somaliland Gov’t has appointed a committee tasked with raising funds to flood hit Beledweyn people in Somalia which are affected by massive floods.

The Chair of Somaliland’s Chamber of Commerce, Honorable Jamal Ibrahim Aidid has made the announcement.

Mr. Jamal is chairing the committee who will be responsible for collecting the donations from Somaliland which will be sent to Somalia.

  1. Jamal Aidid Ibrahin 

2. Kayse Shugri Jama

3. Mohamed Ahmed Farah

4. Sheokh Ise Mohamud Abdilahi

5. Abdirahman Ali Abdi 

6. Sheikh Mohamed Ali Gedi

7. Sheikh Ahmed Adan Buhane

8. Abdirahman Ahmed Buhane

9. Abdiwahab Mah Mohamud 

10. Sheikh Abdirisak Xusein Ali

11. Abdirisak Ibrahin Mohamed

12. Hasan Ahmed Husein 

13. Sultan Ahmed Hasan Jama

14. Ali Ibrahin Ise 

15. Sheikh Mohamed Adan Adhole

16. Dr. Farhan Liban Ahmed 

17. Sheekh Abdirahman Aw Ahmed

18. Abwaan Yusuf Shair

19. Hamse Omar Kujoog

20. Abdirisak Osman Mohamed 



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