Somalia sent its team to Hague prior to the Maritime Hearings



On Monday, Somalia’s Federal Gov’t sent its representatives to Hague prior to the resumption of a hearing of maritime spat between Kenya and Somalia.

The hearing case of the maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia is due to kick off on 15th March.

A delegation headed up by Somalia’s Deputy PM Mahdi Gulied together with Attorney General Sulieman Mohmud and ambassador Yusuf Garad have flown to Hague.

The maritime spat between Kenya and Somalia commenced in 2014 and the UN’s is supposed to give its verdict as the ICJ’s rulings are not open for appeals.

The case which become the pont of diplomatic row between the two neighboring countries have been delayed thrice as requested by Kenya.

The Court rejected Kenya’s appeal last month to further postpone the case.

Somalia tasked the case to three lawyers namely, Paul Richler (US), Prof. Philippe Sands (UK) and French lawyer Professor Alain Pellet.


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