Somalia: Benadir authority conducts Coronavirus Spraying Exercise



Benadir regional authority started disinfection exercise last night. The exercise has become necessary following the confirmation of 231 cases in Somalia. The exercise is part of measures to improve the hygienic conditions of streets and markets in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The regional authority used in the disinfection exercise truck tanker spraying machines. Omar Filish, the mayor of Mogadishu, said that the disinfection exercise will continue until Covid-19 cases in Mogadishu are beaten. ‘The exercise will also be conducted in other villages of Mogadishu and other public congregation places in the capital.’ said Filish

Filish told that Mogadishu is part of other major capitals in the world where the fight against Covid-19 pandemic is going on. He pleaded that the resident in Mogadishu should play a crucial role in curbing Covid-19 and should be obedient to the strict measures. Somalia so far confirmed 231 cases mostly the patients are in Mogadishu


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