Saudi Arabia Reverses its order on Somaliland livestock export during Hajj time



The Saudi Arabian government has reversed on a decision on Somaliland livestock export during the Hajj time.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a circular informing Somaliland officials that future livestock export from Somaliland ports should have a medical report issued by the Somalian Federal Gov based in Mogadishu.

This has infuriated Somaliland officials and made knee jerk decision with livestock traders to stop the export this year until the new imposition is rescinded by the Saudi authority.

Somaliland community in the KSA and the Somaliland FM’s meeting with Saudi envoy to Kenya have changed the imposition of the order after a protest from Somaliland gov.

Now the medical certification have been cancelled and livestock from Somaliland started to be exported from Berbera.

The Somalian authority in Mogadishu have been engaged in undermine Somaliland economically and are currently busy to isolate the enclave diplomatically.

Somaliland gov has protested the Saudi move which is illegitimate and further cried foul over the frail authority to be given the power to have the overall examination of livestock that is being sent to Saudi Arabia from Somalia including Somaliland.

Somaliland said that it won’t compromise its statehood for the Saudi move and decided to stop the export.



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