Relief Humanity International Distributes Food Aid to Victims of Waheen Market Fire


With 40% of the Hargeisa economic base going up in flames on the 1st April, the resultant livelihood difficulties is poignant especially among the 2000 stall owners and their 5000 employees
This woe followed the gutting of Waheen Market in the Somaliland capital Hargeisa where assorted Ware Including electronics, furniture and foodstuffs worth $2b was destroyed.
With sympathies extended globally attended by pledges of reconstruction as well as support to Market operatives, international succour has started to trickle in.
This comes as Relief Humanity International-RHI , a Canadian-based charity delivered an assortment of foodstuffs to 100 small market entrepreneurs- SMEs from the fire razed Market.
While handing over the donation Hussein Ibrahim Abdi from RHI, said the food aid first of many to come from the Canadian charity targets 100 of the most vulnerable, victims of the fire.
Stating that RHI has in the past intervened towards Relief of needy persons went on to reveal that the recent such distribution was within Sinai and Jigjiga yar boroughs of Hargeisa
Thanking all those took who responded to the RHI call on Canadians for donations towards victims of the Hargeisa market fire , Mr Abdi said more is on the way
Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries Ali Abdi Bihi, a member of the Waheen market committee, thanked Relief Humanity International for the food aid.
“With concerted International and local efforts to provide emergency assistance to the affected vendors and their employees as well market rebuilding being coordinated by the Somaliland government we as affected believe I a better tomorrow” said the trader as he echoed his colleagues expressions of gratitude to Relief Humanity International and others.
In the call for Canadians to support the Waheen market recovery RHI said
Quote – The Waheen market is one of the largest markets in East Africa and the economic centre of Hargeisa where hundreds of thousands of local merchants earn their living. As a consequence, this has left many businesses and middle-class people stranded for basic necessities.
The economic effect of this horrific incident is costly. A preliminary report estimates the losses to be between $1.5 billion and $2 billion, affecting 40-50% of the nation’s economy.
In response to the Hargeisa Fire Catastrophe, Relieve Humanity International (RHI) is calling on Canadians across the country to provide their support and raise awareness for those who have been affected by the disaster. All those who have lost their livelihoods, as well as the poor and less fortunate, are in serious need of assistance.
RHI is urging the Canadian government to support those affected and respond to this catastrophe, as well as to aid in preventing the country’s infrastructure from collapsing into an even greater crisis.- full RHI call


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