Puntland’s Minister for Environmental affairs Tenders resignation


GAROWE– A minister of Somalia’s state of Puntland tenders his resignation today after fallout with the Gaas leadership.

Dr. Ali Abdilahi Warsame, the minister in charge of environment and climate change has issued a press release announcing his resignation from Abdiweli Gaas’s council of ministers.

The former minister has traded accusations that President Gaas has hijacked Puntland and the direction its heading is not the one that people were intended to go.

The ex-minister has stated that Abdiweli Gas has failed to live up to the promises that he made for the public and further added that the Puntland’s economy is at low ebb since the assuming of power.

There is widespread political confusion as Puntland has faced fragile stability and lack of robust defense forces that could maintain law and order.

Dr. Ali also blamed the current leadership that all institutions are under the watchful eyes of the presidential palace and said that there is widespread graft in the governmental system in Puntland is collapsing.

The ex-minister has said that other undercover institutions within the presidency were created to corrupt the aid from overseas.

Most of foreign agencies have questioned over the transparency of Puntland’s institutions which are not corrupt free according to local reports.



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