President urges all security arms to step up efforts and be vigilant against instability


The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi, who is also the Commader-in-Chief of the National Armed Forces in the course of his duties visited the defense, police headquarters and lauded he security arms for their steadfastness and selfless services to the nation.

The President was welcomed by the Minister of Defense, Hon. Abdiqani Mohamud Aateye, the Chef of the National Army Major General Nuh Ismail Tani, the Commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Abdirisaq Said Bulale Afgudud and various officers of the General Command who gave briefs to the minister.

Hon.  Abdiqani noted that the National Forces are always on full alert for the defense of the country and vigilante in their respective duties.

The President commended and encouraged the National Forces for their efforts, ability and perseverance in defending their nation from the attacks b  the allied militias who are fighting in Lasaanod.

The president also praised the medical corps for their esteemed efforts alongside the national forces. He likewise praised the media community and noted its role in the issues of nationalism and the people of the Republic of Somaliland for supporting the national forces.

The President also toured the Police Force Headquarters where he was briefed by the Commander of the Somaliland Police Force, Major General Mohamed Adan Saqadi (Dabagale).

The President visited the Birmad Base which is always on standby, day and night, for emergency security operations to blend efforts when needed.

The President s gave words of encouragement to the various arms of the forces, namely the Somaliland National Army, the Police Force, the Correctional Force, the Coast Guard Force, the Immigration Force, the Intelligence and fire departments who are working hard always, especially in this rainy season.

The president urged all the various forces to redouble their efforts and be vigilant against all those who intend to harm the national security.


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