Rains havoc as flash floods destroy buildings, perishes livestock in Taalla-Buur


The ongoing countrywide rains have caused havoc in Taalla-buur centre in Togdeer region and have destroyed fortunes in forms of numerous buildings tumbling and huge number of livestock being swept away by the flash floods.

The residents have been devastated by the huge loss leaving them in disbelief not sure what they should do next.

The administrative headman of Taalla-buur Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, gave details of the damage caused by the spring rains in the area.

Flanked by local elders of the area, they disclosed shocking revelation that all the shop and stores serving the center were completely destroyed with all merchandize lost hence the livestock lost in the floods number over 2000.

The center was served by over a dozen amenities stores.

They appealed to the government for emergency help to their plight.

The Togdeer regional administrative secretary Mr. Abdi Mohamed Isse said that he would take the matter up with the government and noted that stock of the situation, extent of damages and magnitude of the afflictions and losses will have to be fathomed and evaluated hitherto.


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