President Mustafe Cagjar showed Eloquence & Experience with Universal TV interview



Reporter Abdulxafid often take occasional and opportunism interviews that delivers his opinionated ideology quite normally.

The recent invitation and interview of President Mustafe Cagjar was mature and meaningful that shredded or minced the inferior lobbying and campaigns of reporter Abdulxafid.

The Somali- speaking Communities watched that interview highly appreciated Mustafe Cagjar and the realistic way he bombarded missiles of responses with that biased reporter Abdulxafid.

The scale of composure and collecting ideas and firing out of Mustafe Cagjar were absolutely gigantic and so constructive.

Thanks to President Mustafe Cagjar, the way he handled that interview and soaked completely the un-neutral Abdulxafid who always works to divide and destroy some specific parts of Communities.

The wisdom, truth and presentation from President Mustafe Cagjar were admired and appreciated by viewers, giving applauds and support to Mustafe, due to his responses and controlling the that pal.

Genius politician always controls and takes the lead for interviews, not letting any chance to the reporter to attack quite strongly and dominate the whole event or interview.

President Mustafe Cagjar did well and shredded the cheeky pal with natural eloquence and experience that often separates man, despite of giving an an interview always.

Thanks President Mustafe Cagjar, you sorted the lad out indeed and take by surprise with unexpected strength of eloquence and rich wisdom of your constituency, where Somali belongs to be pure and better.

Universal TV only works negative elimination of Somali Communities togetherness in a way of traditional connection of sharing possible support in terms of need.

Well done and have our fantastic admiration for your wonderful contribution of truthful and respectful presentation in that special occasion.

Reporter Abdulxafid left in situation of soaked hyena, he was totally humiliated and controlled like baby playing doll.

If you get into the mouth of a lion, you are being crunched like Gum.

BY; Abdilahi Hassan

Goodwill Ambassador of Somaliland Republic


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